Spacecraft Batteries

Our space quality batteries feature high energy density,  flight proven batteries for advanced small satellites and cubesats.

 Main Features

  • High Energy Density; up to 150Wh/kg
  • Suitable for hard vacuum conditions
  • Integrated battery heater with thermostat to maintain battery temperature, voltage and current telemetry via integrated digital interface
  • Available in 8.2V and 32V versions as standard; custom voltages also available
  • Scalable battery capacity through use of parallel connected strings
  • Inherently redundant for multi-string configurations
  • Lythium Polymer for increased performance:
    - Low magnetic signature due to aluminium foil casting
    - Verified cycle life 5000 cycles (accelerated life test). 35000 cycle life expected (usage conditions dependant)
    - Batch LOT acceptance cells
  • Other cell types available on request

Lithium Polymer Battery Overview

A commercial Lithium Polymer cell has been selected by Clyde Space for use on small satellites. Prior to selecting this cell it has undergone a number of tests to verify its performance in a space environment. These tests were as follows:

  • Capacity at C/10 under vacuum
  • Radiation up to 500k rad
  • DPA
  • Capacity at -10°C, 0°C, 20°C and 40°C
  • Resistance
  • Self-Discharge
  • Missions Scenario Tests
  • EMF vs SOC
  • Cycling Tests at reduced pressure (15-20mbars) - 30% DoD, C/2 Charge/Discharge > 5000 cycles
Clyde Space has performed further analysis and qualification of our cell under an ESA contract. In addition, NASA Goddard have tested and passed our battery for manned space flight on the shuttle.

CubeSat Batteries

Our  CubeSat Battery has been developed to adapt to different mission requirements and are both mass and volume efficient enabling us to offer excellent densities. 

Other Battery Products

The battery experts at Clyde Space are known to apply their skills to other battery types and have experience using 18650 Lithium Ion cells for both CubeSats and Small Satellites. We have also produced batteries using the SAFT MPS176065 cell and our battery designs have been qualified to levels comparable with NASA GEVS. 

Please see our  Battery Datasheet