SmallSat Power


Our SmallSat power system is modular and can be configured to meet the requirements of missions for 30W to over 300W orbit average.

A maximum power point scheme provides a non-sequential, modular interface to the solar arrays. The main power bus is fed directly from the battery. This power system configuration is ideal for missions that experience frequent eclipse periods.

The modular nature of the power system electronics means that the system can be painlessly configured to meet the requirements for a multitude of mission profiles and power levels. The system is fully autonomous and inherently fault tolerant by virtue of its simplicity.

Track record: Over 20 missions in various configurations, including Cerise*, Clementine*, PICOSat*, ALSat-1*, BilSat*, TOPSat*, CFESat*, RapidEye* and RASat.

SmallSat Power Datasheet: SmallSAT_Power

This subsystem is based on designs licensed from Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL). Subsystems for the missions marked '*' were developed and manufactured by SSTL alone. Clyde Space is wholly responsible for the development and manufacture of its subsystems and equipment.