Electrical Power Systems

Clyde Space produce tailored Electrical Power Systems which are designed to your specifications and are the world leading supplier of power systems components for CubeSats. Our team of highly experienced Spacecraft Power Systems and Electronics Engineers have shipped over 200 EPS to customers in Europe, Asia and North America.

Due to supplying systems to such a large and varied range of customers, we are in the unique position to have our systems adapted for and tested by this customer base. Our current and future EPS take full advantage of this unique experience and lessons learned resulting in a highly robust, reliable, cost-effective and high performance product. 

Please have a look at some examples in our Case Studies section, or contact us with your requirements for more information on bespoke products.

We offer off-the-shelf power system products which have excellent performance specifications and extensive flight heritage. The designs are modular and have the flexibility to be easily configured to meet the requirements of bespoke projects.

Clyde Space recently tested our range of EPS and battery products in a CubeSat structure to the NASA GEVS levels.  All of the units passed.  A full report is available on request.