DC-DC Converters for Space Applications

We have two ranges of DC-DC Converters for space applications. One is designed for Low Earth Orbiting small satellite applications, utilising COTS components and the other is for applications requiring very high reliability and radiation tolerances up to (and beyond) 100krads - note that this converter range can also be produced to 100krads ITAR free.

Both of our ranges of DC-DC converters have been proven to perform better than typically used off-the-shelf DC-DC converter systems. The reason for this is because we focus on the overall performance of the design and not just on the 'Watts per square inch'. This said, our designs will fit within the same useable area as their off-the-shelf equivalents; we are typically called on to fill the void left by removing previously used off-the-shelf DC-DC converters.

COTS DC-DC Converters

40W DC-DC ConverterOur COTS DC-DC Converters use the small satellite approach to spacecraft engineering. We work with our customers to carefully select state-of-the-art commercial technology to provide reliable, cost-effective and high performance DC-DC converter systems.

Typical applications of our DC-DC Converters include RF Payloads where low noise, isolation and individual return lines are commonly required. Our DC-DC converters are ideal for most LEO missions with a 5-7 year mission life requirement.

Features of our converters includes: Multiple output voltages; excellent cross-regulation; galvanic isolation; input under-voltage protection; over-voltage protection on all outputs; automatic soft-start control; over-current protection on all outputs; command ON and OFF function and status telemetry.

COTS_DC-DC_Converters datasheet.

Radiation Tolerant DC-DC Converters

Rad-Hard_DC-DCOur radiation tolerant DC-DC Converters are designed with configurability, component obselecence and reliability firmly in mind.

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Radiation Hardened DC-DC Converter Datasheet.