Our Products

Before CubeSats were even a twinkle in Prof Bob Twiggs' eye, Small Satellites ruled the low-cost access to space world. Therefore, it is not surprising that Clyde Space is as much about awesome Small Satellite products as it is CubeSat products. Our design capabilities and high quality manufacturing lends itself perfectly to both product lines and we have been in the business of supporting small satellite missions with our range of products since Clyde Space was founded in 2005. Since then we have supplied our SmallSat products to a wide range of missions, from our high efficiency solar panels, through to our electrical power systems, batteries and attitude control systems.

This section of the website provides an overview of our main products and capabilities in this area. You are also more than welcome to read about some case-studies of how we have supported customer missions with subsystems from concept through to launch. Here is what you'll find in this section along with links through to the product specific pages:

CubeSats and CubeSat Subsystems

Given that the word 'CubeSat' is now synonymous with Clyde Space, we've got a whole section of our website dedicated to these little guys. If the large GEO spacecraft are the mainframe computers and small satellites the desktop PCs, then CubeSats are most definitely the Smart Phone.  Here's the link to our CubeSats page. 

Solar Panels

Using our experience in the design and manufacture of spacecraft solar panels, we have developed processes based on traditional techniques that will allow us to supply small solar arrays for small satellite manufacturers at a price that meets the budget - not blows the budget.

Electrical Power Systems

Our power system range has excellent performance specifications and extensive flight heritage. The designs are modular and have the flexibility to be easily configured to meet the requirements of bespoke projects. Our four main small satellite power system products are: SmallGEO Power; SmallSat Power; NanoSat Power; CubeSat Power.

Spacecraft Batteries

Clyde Space is a leading supplier of Space Qualified Lithium Polymer Batteries for Small Satellites. The cells that we have selected for space use have undergone extensive evaluation to assess their suitability for the space environment - including leak and bulge tests. Life tests have demonstrated that our battery is ideal for small satellite missions.