CubeSat concepts at the Technology Strategy Board Space Feasibility Study Day

11 September 2011

At the Technology Strategy Board Collaboration Nation event, concluding the Space Feasibility study activities, Clyde Space presented three of our innovative technology concepts for use on CubeSats.  The concepts were a high resolution imager for a 3U CubeSat for global digital mapping, a Bush Fire early warning system using a constellation of 3U CubeSats with infrared imaging capability and a Dragsail for automatically deorbiting CubeSats at the end of mission life.  A summary of the studies can be found in this PDF (extract from the Technology Strategy Board report): Clyde Space TSB Study Summaries.

You can also see video of the High resolution imager concept here, and the dragsail prototype test here.

There was a Scottish flavour to the CubeSat session at the event, with 7 out of 13 projects from Scottish companies.  Scotland seems to be gaining momentum as a hub for CubeSat innovation.  The other Scottish companies presenting at the event were: Steepest Ascent, Star Dundee, MESL Microwave and ThinkTank Maths.

Read about the full list of projects on the Technology Strategy Board website: http://www.innovateuk.org/_assets/pdf/publications/space_directory.pdf.

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