1. 0.5U Chassis Walls

    Solid wall

    0.5U Chassis Walls Info
  2. FleXible EPS 6 x 12W BCR

    Electrical power system with over 70w of solar array input capability plus three regulated voltages.

    FleXible EPS 6 x 12W BCR Info
  3. 1.5U Chassis Walls

    Solid wall

    1.5U Chassis Walls Info
  1. 2U Chassis Walls

    Solid wall

    2U Chassis Walls Info
  2. Payload Adapter Plate Payload Adapter Plate Info
  3. Payload Cover Plate Payload Cover Plate Info
  1. Remove Before Flight Pin Remove Before Flight Pin Info
  2. Midplane Standoff Kit Midplane Standoff Kit Info
  3. CubeSat Top/Bottom Solar Panel

    High efficiency solar panel for cubesats.

    CubeSat Top/Bottom Solar Panel Info