3U Deployed Solar Panel (long edge)

Part number: SP-L-DPLS3U-0038

3U CubeSat Single Deployed Solar Panel (long edge)

  • Consists of TWO full solar panel faces in the orientation of your chosing (i.e. facing IN or OUT when stowed)
  • ONE face of the deployed panel has solar cells and the Body mounted face has solar cells
  • Angle of deployment: 90 degree and 135 degree deployment options available.
  • Body mounted panel is the mechanical interface for the deployed panel (i.e. mount the body panel to your unmodified CubeSat structure)
  • Active, dual redundantthermal knife activiated hold down mechanism
  • Space qualified as part of the UKube-1 mission
  • All panels manufactured using high quality PCB Substrate with space-grade Kapton coverlay
  • Each panel 7 large area triple junction cells with 28.3% efficiency minimum (8 cell version available on request)
  • Temperature sensor, reverse bias protection diodes and harness connector
  • Compatible with CubeSat Kit structure (ISIS [and other] structure version available on request)
  • Stowed profile fits within 6.5mm P-POD envelope.
  • Manufactured to Clyde Space qualified, flight heritage processes using space grade materials
  • Other sensors available for inclusion on solar panel (i.e. coarse and fine sunsensors). Magnetometers and/or rate sensors can be included, but we advise that these are placed in a more thermally benign location due to the device temperature coefficients.
  • Also available with integrated magnetorquers (please contact us to request more info - magnetorquer values as per our 3U side panels)
  • All manufacturing at Clyde Space is to our ISO9001:2008 accredited processes by our ESA trained assembly staff (see our Quality Manual)
  • Solar_Panel_Datasheet

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