1.5U CubeSat Side Solar Panel

Part number: SP-L-S1.5U-0002-CS

1.5U CubeSat SIDE High Efficiency Solar Panel

  • High quality PCB Substrate with space-grade Kapton coverlay
  • 3 large area triple junction cells with 28.3% efficiency minimum (4 cell version possible on request)
  • Temperature sensor, reverse bias protection diodes and harness connector
  • Compatible with CubeSatKit structure (ISIS [and other]structure version available on request)
  • Manufactured to Clyde Space qualified, flight heritage processes using space grade materials
  • Other sensors available for inclusion on solar panel (i.e. coarse and fine sunsensors). Magnetometers and/or rate sensors can be included, but we advise that these are placed in a more thermally benign location due to the device temperature coefficients.
  • Also available with integrated magnetorquers
  • All manufacturing at Clyde Space is to our ISO9001:2008 accredited processes by our ESA trained assembly staff (see our Quality Manual)
  • Solar_Panel_Datasheet
  • CubeSat 1.5U Side Solar Panel 3D Model (1.6mm thick substrate).
Performance parameters for this solar panel:
BOL Voc at -40°C (V) 9.20
BOL Vmpp at -40°C (V) 8.38
BOL Vmpp at 80°C (V) 6.04
BOL Vmpp at 28°C (V) 7.05
BOL Power at -40°C (W) 3.70
BOL Power at 80°C (W) 2.68
BOL Power at 28°C (W) 3.12
Mass 1.6mm PCB no MTQ (g) 48
Mass 1.6mm PCB w/ MTQ (g) 59
Mass 2.4mm PCB w/ MTQ (g) 79
Magnetic Dipole 1.6mm PCB w/ MTQ (Am2) 0.114
Magnetic Dipole 2.4mm PCB w/ MTQ (Am2) 0.139
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