CubeSat Solar Panels

We supply more CubeSat solar panels to more organisations in the USA and around the World than anyone else. This enables Clyde Space to keep a constant stock of solar cells, meaning we can respond and deliver panels quicker than anyone else. 


Solar Panel Selector

Note that, as well as body mounted solar panels, we have a solar panel hinge design which was developed for our own mission, UKube-1, that can be used for all CubeSat variants.  For more information see our dedicated Deployable CubeSat Solar Panels section or contact us for more details. You can also find our Solar_Panel_Datasheet here.

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We recognised that there needed to be a rethink in the way that solar panels are produced for small satellites and microspacecraft. Using our experience in small satellites and solar panel manufacturing, we developed processes based on traditional techniques allowing us to produce solar panels at a price that meets a CubeSat budget, not 'blows' the budget.

3U CubeSat PanelFor CubeSats we typically use PCB substrates, designed and manufactured to work in the space environment. We have developed plug-n-play solar panel sets for CubeSats from 0.5U through to 12U in size. We can also supply custom solar panels for CubeSats and for other sized missions (we also make panels up to 1m square on CFRP and Aluminium substrates).

We have multiple suppliers of space-grade solar cells, however our preferred supplier is Spectrolab and our cells have a >28.3% efficiency (soon to be >29.5%). We also use 30% efficient Azur Space cells for some customers.  Due to us manufacturing more CubeSat solar panels than anyone else, we keep stock of cells enabling turn-around of custom panel in as little as 4 days (yes, it has been done!).

We typically meet lead-times of 6-8 weeks from order to delivery on most CubeSat orders (depending on the need for export license). Used in conjunction with our CubeSat EPS, it is possible to maximise and manage the power from the solar panels using our proprietary maximum power point tracking technology.

CubeSat Solar Panel features include:

  • Compatible with the off-the-shelf and custom structures.
  • Very easily customised for your specific mission needs (most of our customers tend to need some minor customisation such as apertures for sensors or payloads).
  • Integrated temperature sensor (other sensors also avaiable including sunsensors, magnetometers and rate-sensors)
  • Electrical layout design minimises/eliminates magnetic moments.
  • Integrated connector.
  • No on panel wiring required.
  • Option to have integrated magnetorquer coils.
  • We customise most of our panels to meet specific customer needs, so please contact us with your custom needs.