2U CubeSat Platform for the QB50 mission

Our QB50 platform solution is based on the UKube-1 platform that Clyde Space is currently providing for the UK Space Agency.  Our platform technology has undergone and passed a Critical Design Review by Astrium UK on behalf of the UK Space Agency and will be launched in Q4 2012.  Furthermore, the ground segment option we propose is also part of the UKube-1 project.  

UKube-1 is a 3U Cubesat and is designed to accommodate multiple payloads.  To aid the development and integration of payloads, we have also developed a platform emulator, simulating the electrical, software and mechanical interfaces of the CubeSat platform, simplifying and accelerating spacecraft integration, de-risking the mission in general.  Our QB50 platform takes the key elements of UKube-1 and applies them to a 2U form factor. QB50_Platform_Datasheet 
Please note we will be happy to provide 3U platform as well for In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) CubeSats.

Discounts of up to 15% are available for multiple platform purchases.  Please contact us for a quotation.

We have more experience in delivering successful small satellite missions than any other CubeSat vendor.

The figure below describes the system architecture for the 2U CubeSat, indicating the subsystem classification within the spacecraft. This describes the functional architecture, based upon the CSK PC/104 board format and the additional interfaces required. 

QB50 System Diagram

Our QB50 Platform consists of the following components:

  1. 2U Skeletonised Pumpkin Structure complete with all required accessories.
  2. Our market leading 2U EPS with integrated 20Whr battery.
  3. Our high efficiency 2U Side, 2U Front and top solar panels with embedded MTQs.
  4. Our CubeSat Power Distribution Module.
  5. Our NEW CubeSat Attitude Determination and Control System (AKA Active Magnetic Attitude Control). With optional GPS.
  6. A choice of On -Board Computer with the MIC for a high performance 32Bit ARM with 2GB of storage or the Pumpkin 16Bit PIC24 Plug and Play Module.
  7. UHF/VHF Transceiver from CPUT with ISIS deployable dipole antenna.
  8. Option for full mission software suite from Clyde Space and Bright Ascension with the 32Bit OBC.

Platform and Payload Volumes

Example: 2U EPS with integrated 20Whr battery, Switchboard, OBC, UHF/VHF tranceiver, Deployable antenna.

QB50 2U volume option1 

    This configuration has a platform stack height of 71.6mm, leaving 41.7mm of customer payload height available in addition to the ESA payload.

    Please contact us for any further information.  You can also find our QB50_Platform_Datasheet here.