1U CubeSat EPS 20 Whr Integrated Battery

Part number: CS-1UEPS2-20

1U CubeSat EPS

There is a newer version of this product available! Check out our third generation 1U EPS.


  • Integrated active solar array maximum power point tracking.
  • Battery charge management for Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries.
  • Battery under-voltage protection.
  • 3.3V, 5V and Raw Battery buses with over-current protection (other voltages available on request, please contact us for advice). See the User Manual for current ratings on regulated and unregulated votlage lines.
  • Telemetry and telecommand via I2C interface.
  • Over-current and battery under-voltage protection.
  • True dead launch - ideal diode and separation switch.
  • Can be operated in parallel with additional EPS units to increase the power handling capability.
  • See our CubeSat Power Distribution Module for the ability to switch and monitor up to 24 separate loads via dedicated over-current protected power switches.
  • All manufacturing at Clyde Space is to our ISO9001:2008 accredited processes by our ESA trained assembly staff (Quality at Clyde Space).
  • We will be happy to customise our EPS to meet your solar panel configuration - please contact us for advice.


CubeSat EPS Factsheet

Block Diagram


3D Models in .step format and User Manual

CS-1UEPS2-NB-3D CS-1UEPS2-10-3D CS-1UEPS2-20-3D User Manual