CubeSat Electrical Power Systems

 Clyde Space have recently released the third generation of our popular EPS range; check it out here.

 Clyde Space are World leaders in CubeSat power systems. Our Cubesat Electrical Power Systems (EPS) are the best on the market. After 6 years of designing, improving and listening to the CubeSat community, our systems are mature and have extensive flight heritage.

EPS Selector

3U Deployed

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Please see our CubeSat Power Distribution Module which provides load management, protection and telemetry functions.   

CubeSat EPS features include:

  • CubeSat and CubeSat Kit compatible.
  • 3.3V, 5V and Raw Battery buses are provided. Many of our standard EPS products also provide 12V. Current rating of regulated votlage rails are up to 4A at 95-98% efficiency (see User Manuals for more information).
  • Flexible design: different solar cell types/string lengths.
  • Active Maximum Power Point Tracking of solar arrays.
  • Compatible with Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries. (We also supply CubeSat batteries).
  • Telemetry and telecommand via I2C interface.
  • Bus over-current and battery under-voltage protection.
  • USB battery charger.
  • Compatible with dead launch via separation switches.

Our EPS is used by organisations in the USA and around the world for CubeSat missions. With over 400 CubeSat EPS units sold to date, Clyde Space has more CubeSat power system experience than anyone else by 'at least' 10 light-years ;o)

  1. 1U CubeSat EPS

    Fully integrated, high-performance eps for 1u cubesats

    1U CubeSat EPS Info
  2. 2U CubeSat EPS

    High-performance eps for 2u cubesats

    2U CubeSat EPS Info
  3. 1.5U CubeSat EPS

    Fully integrated, high-performance eps for 1.5u cubesats

    1.5U CubeSat EPS Info
  1. 3U CubeSat EPS

    Fully integrated, high-performance electrical power system for 2u & 3u cubesats

    3U CubeSat EPS Info
  2. CubeSat Power Distribution Module

    Cubesat over-current protection, load management and battery under-voltage protection

    CubeSat Power Distribution Module Info
  3. FleXible EPS

    Flexible eps - for 3u w/deployed panels..

    FleXible EPS Info
  1. FleXible EPS 6 x 12W BCR

    Electrical power system with over 70w of solar array input capability plus three regulated voltages.

    FleXible EPS 6 x 12W BCR Info