Case Studies

In order to best demonstrate our capability, we feel that this is best achieved by showing what we have done, rather than what we can do. This section of our website provides an overview of some of the programmes that we have worked on to date. Some of the details of the programmes are vague due to the confidentiality issues, however they do provide an excellent summary of some of the projects on which we have been proud team members.


UKube-1 3U CubeSatThis project has been one of ourmost exciting projects to date.  Not only is it one of the most advanced Nanosatellite ever made, it is also the first satellite to be designed and built in Scotland, a fact that we are very proud of.  The project has been jointly funded by Clyde Space and the UK Space Agency,  and is also the first mission to be commissioed by the UK Space Agency whenit was formed in 2010.  If you're wondering where the name came from, well, it's the combination of 'UK' and 'Cube' (as in, short for 'CubeSat').  'UK' is important as it reflects the fact that the payloads flying on UKube-1 come from across the United Kingdom.

Ukube-1 is the most advanced 3U cubesat of its kind and will test several new technologies in space. The payloads flying on UKube-1 were selected following a competition  run by the UK Space Agency to find the most innovative and creative payloads in the UK for a CubeSat. The competition received more than 20 payload submissions, several of which are also being considered for future mission. read more

SOHLA-2 Power System and Solar Panels

SOHLA-2 EPSThe SOHLA-2 mission represents a highly novel approach to small satellite engineering. The spacecraft is a 50 kg microsatellite and is the first demonstrator of Panel ExTension SATellite (PETSAT) which was first proposed by the Nakasuka Laboratory of University of Tokyo. The concept of PETSAT represents a highly capable spacecraft platform that has numerous applications. However, there were several challenges in the design of the spacecraft . These included effective and scalable communications between the Panels, distributed On-Board Data Handling and, importantly, a scalable approach to the power system design. read more

SumbandilaSat Solar Panels

Solar_Panel_ProductionThe driving requirement for the order from SunSpace was the need for the solar panels on a very short schedule. Typically it will take at least 6 months for a set of solar panels to be produced for a mission; a delivery schedule of 4 weeks is close to impossible to achieve. However, we at Clyde Space are not shy of a challenge.

The TWO flight panels were manufactured and tested in the final week of the project, before shipping to the customer. Clyde Space performed all of the manufacturing of the solar arrays at their design and manufacturing facilities on the West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow, Scotland. The solar panels were delivered less than one month after receiving the order. ZA-002 is produced by small satellite manufacturers, Sunspace & Information Systems Ltd. read more


1U_CubeSat_Power_TWOBatteriesThe PARADIGM vehicle, called BEVO1, uses a Clyde Space 1U CubeSat EPS board with two battery packs and six solar panels for its electrical power system. All electronic components in PARADIGM conform to the CubeSat standard, both to leverage existing commercial products and to conserve volume in the vehicle. read more