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  • One man's debris is another man's XXX November 11 2014
  • CubeSats vs Product Assurance November 05 2013
    The space industry is at an exciting stage with a new class of spacecraft coming through that doesn't fit the traditional mold; but can low-cost spacecraft remain low-cost whilst being subject to spacecraft level quality control?
  • Size Zero Satellites; are we setting a bad example? September 07 2010
    Everything is getting smaller these days and there is pressure to shed even more size to be stand out from the crowd. It used to be the case that ‘big is better'; massive satellites, monster launch vehicles and 10s of kW of power. What has happened? CubeSats are the ‘must have' of 2010s.
  • Mind the Gap: Can CubeSats Fill the Data Deficit? March 07 2010
    The world is now waking up to the increasing utility value of CubeSats; the improvements to CubeSat systems to increase performance and reliability to a level required for commercial level Earth Observation and telecoms are already in development if not launch ready.