Quality Management at Clyde Space

BSIClyde Space provides both standard and bespoke products for spacecraft applications. Our standard products are developed such that they provide a low cost and high performance option for spacecraft users and manufacturers, and as such these items, and their associated user support material, are produced wholly with the end use and end user in mind. The requirements for our bespoke products are programme specific and agreed through communication with the customer. Internal Clyde Space research and development activities are used to increase our product base and capabilities in both our standard and bespoke product activities.

The Clyde Space Quality Management System covers all of our products from development through manufacture and delivery, and ensures that our business is conducted in a sustainable manner, within a culture of continuous improvement, that fosters innovation and promotes growth.

Clyde Space's Quality Management Systems are certified as compliant with the International Standards Organization (ISO). Our certificate can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

ISO 9001:2008 certificate