Clyde Space Facilities


Clyde Space is headquartered in the Skypark, located in the centre of Glasgow, Scotland.  Our address, phone number and map can be found on our Contact page. 

This 10,000 square foot facility boasts a 3,000  square foot Class 10,000 cleanroom and 2,000 square feet of electronics labs. This means we have ample room for both manufacturing and testing in-house by our ESA-qualified technicians.

Clyde Space Open plan office

Production and Test

Quality is a cornerstone of our business, and this extends from design through manufacture and delivery.  Our lab, cleanroom, and component stores are fully ESD controlled and strictly monitored.  We have an in-house thermal test chamber suitable for performing thermal cycling tests on both EM and flight hardware, which can cycle over a temperature range of -70°C to +180°C.  For more strenuous tests we have a number of preferred test-houses located in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK.

Clyde Space cleanroom