Clyde Space Overview

Clyde Space is an award winning supplier of small and micro spacecraft systems. We are mostly kept busy with work on our high performance power subsystems, DC-DC Converters, lithium polymer batteries and high efficiency solar panels, typically for small satellite missions. Not content with being the small satellite power guys, we also design and build very reasonable Attitude Control and Determination Systems. We are a World leading CubeSat vendor, and pioneered the CubeSat Shop which you can peruse at your leisure once you are done reading this; maybe also buy a satellite or two with your credit card. Finally, we have recently completed development of an advanced nanosatellite platform, Scotland's first satellite, in conjunction with leading academic and commercial organisations in the UK and the rest of World.

What sets us apart from the rest is our Men_at_workteam's extensive experience in small satellite missions and our ability to innovate. We consider our business to have two halves; our off-the-shelf products from our online shop and tailored/bespoke products either designed from scratch or modified from our range of heritage products. We have a combined experience in over 50 space programmes and this means that we have the knowledge to enable us to support space missions at all levels, from conceptual design, development, integration, through to analysis of data from on orbit operations.

Everything we do at Clyde Space is governed by our values; Excellence, People, Innovation, Relationships and Integrity.  Continuous improvement in all our disciplines underpins our long term reputation. We love what we do and we have fun doing it.

Clyde Space customers include international universities, commercial companies and government organisations. Approximately 80% of Clyde Space sales are outside of the European Union and over 95% outside of the UK.

Founded in 2005 by Craig Clark, Clyde Space is a privately owned company.  In December 2010, Clyde Space received significant investment from two major Scottish private equity investors, Nevis Captial and Coralinn, who are committed to supporting the growth ambitions of Clyde Space.  

Clyde Space is named after the River Clyde, the main river running through Glasgow. At one point in the past, 25% of all of the World's ships were made on the River Clyde; in the future, perhaps the Clyde will be equally successful building spaceships ...